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Jeff Palmer, a Palm Springs, California native, entered the world of photography as a second career. After graduating with a Master's degree in Theatre Arts from San Diego State University, he taught theatrical design for 15 years. It was from the world of theatrical design and lighting he became enthralled with light and shadow - how it can convey mood and feelings as well as sculpt the body. A sensitive, lidealized figure, sculpted by light is the hallmark of Palmer's photographic images. Working mostly in black and white, Palmer enjoys removing the images one step from reality where the textural, sculptural and sensual qualities of light on the body come into focus. His annual calendars have raised over a half million dollars for AIDS charities nationally.

Professor Carl Safe of Washington University in St. Louis writes: "Palmer is a photographer with a point of view and he intends to share it, assaulting the absurdities of a society that is discomforted by homoerotic possibilities while at the same time celebrating Victoria's Secret as a television show. Palmer's work demonstrates his ability to capture the seemingly unscripted moment and a studiously posed composition with equal sensitivity." (Read Professor Safe's Essay here)

Three monograph books by Jeff Palmer are currently available, all published by Bruno Gmunder. They are Sensual Men, Temptation, and Touch.

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